Nikki B Crown Chakra

I love working with the Chakras and often use my chart to check in and see how I’m feeling. If you have that “out of balance” feeling it can be an indicator of our energy not flowing freely and a chakra balance may help re-harmonise and allow time to be more mindful of our physical bodies, thoughts and feelings in order to reconnect and re-align ourselves.

I created the 7 chakra massage oils to incorporate colour, chakra energy and aromatherapy. There are traditionally seven main chakras, each has a corresponding name, meaning and colour correlation to help bring harmony to our physical, mental and spiritual self.

The 7th Chakra is the crown chakra and the energy center related to wisdom. It is our connection to the universe and involves our emotional and mental relationship with hope, faith, consciousness and truth. A balanced crown chakra offers the experience of inner peace, a connection to our higher selves and the ability to live in the present moment.
The crown chakra aromatherapy blend is Lavender, Neroli & Vetiver in a skin-softening blend of natural oils to offer a sense of spiritual connectivity, balance and inner peace. Violet represents the colour of spiritual fulfilment, transformation, creativity and spiritual awareness.
Nikki B Crown Chakra Blend

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