What are Carrier Oils

Carrier or base oils are used in Aromatherapy to ‘carry’ the essential oil for use in a massage treatment.  Carrier oils are plant based oils from vegetable, nut or seeds.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and used undiluted can be toxic and cause adverse affects.   Used safely, correctly and in the right dilution I believe essential oils can help enhance our wellbeing and there are a variety of carrier oils to choose from to use with essential oils.

Carrier oils provide the ‘glide’ during a massage treatment and I personally love to combine a selection of the oils when I use them in my treatments giving a smooth massage.  Each oil can be lighter, thicker or denser so the final consistency can be altered depending on which oils that you choose to use. I find this means that I am able to offer a more personalised blend depending on the clients requirements.   By combining luxurious Jojoba to Apricot Kernel oil it can completely change the quality of your carrier oil,  Jojoba would be too expensive to use on its own but it makes a wonderful addition to your blends to offer a more luxurious experience and leaving the skin feeling really nourished.

In my opinion carrier oils are often overlooked and I believe they offer very valuable properties when used in skincare and in a massage treatment.   They are rich in vitamins and can help to moisturise and nourish the skin.  I feel it is definately worth taking the time to research the various carrier oils that are available.

These are a few of the  popular carrier oils and their properties, for full details please follow the link to print.