Self Care Kit

Recently I have been busy preparing paperwork for a review which can be a stressful process but I decided to approach the task to include some extra time for myself and every day I have been weaving in Aromatherapy products. After a week of daily practice I’m still feeling energised, postitve and focused, which re-affirms how valuable some time for the self is.

As a result I have decided to create a Nikki B Self-Care Kit which includes some of the products that I have been using for a little at home pampering to maintain my well-being and lift my spirits. The Nikki B Self-Care Kit includes:

❤️Aromatherapy Massage Candle:  Infuse your senses and relax with an Aromatherapy Scented candle, blended with joyful orange and refreshing geranium essential oils

❤️Aura Spray:  These sprays are individually handmade and fragranced with a beautiful blend of nurturing aromatherapy oils to promote a relaxing mood and harmonious atmosphere. The essential oils are refreshing, cleansing and uplifting whilst also soothing and balancing. Clear Quartz is a positive stone and may help to dispel negative energies. Shake well and spray above your head and around your whole body (aura) and enjoy!

❤️Frankincense Essential Oil:  Frankincense is known to be emotionally balancing and produces a sense of calm.

❤️Throat Chakra Massage Oil:  Experience our throat chakra blend of Bergamot, Frankincense & Eucalyptus in a skin-softening blend of natural oils to offer a sense of meaningful communication and self-expression. Blue represents calm, self-expression, communication, faith, intuition and truth

Nikki B Self Care Kit

Is your skin in need of hydration during lockdown?

Extrinsic aging is one of the two main processes of skin aging and is caused by external factors that affect our skin. Stress, enviromental changes, lack
of exercise can all impact our skin, other extrinsic aging factors that are considered to be environmental and external lifestyle aspects are:

• Air pollution
• Diet
• Smoking and drinking
• Lack of sleep/rest
• Stress
• The Sun

Diminished elasticity, wrinkles, dryness can all contribute to the skins appearance, skincare products alone cannot completely eradicate all skin
concerns but they can offer a variety of ingredients that can boost the skins appearance and help contribute to your skin feeling and looking its best.
Skin hydration plays an important role for the skin to appear normal. Plant oils protect the skin, lock-in moisture and prevent water from escaping.  They are a fabulous choice for moisturising.

A change in routine can also affect people’s skin and I’ve had addtional enquiries during the lockdown period, as a result I’m currently offering a Luxury Lockdown duo combination pack to help with some at home skin hydration and nourishment:

Nikki B Luxury Body Oil is a blend of pure essential oil in a skin-softening base oil. While the essential oils have an aroma therapeutic affect on the mind and body; stimulating, warming, detoxifying or relaxing, the base oils nourish, condition and soften the skin. Also perfect for a therapeutic, tension easing, circulation-boosting massage.

Nikki B Luxury Eye Oil contains Argan, Carrot, Evening Primrose and Jojoba Oil. Argan oil is an excellent ingredient in skin regeneration. Carrot oil improves complexion and tones creating a fresher appearance. Jojoba contains anti-inflammatory properties which softens and protects the skin and improves suppleness. Evening Primrose is a soft oil known for its anti-wrinkle properties. Combined with a blend of refreshing lemon, soothing chamomile & uplifting rose essential oils.

For further details or if you would like information please contact me: