Pamper in your PJ’s

Exciting news… join us for our ‘Pamper in your PJ’s’ event on Thursday 4th February at 7pm.

Time for a little self-care, grab a cuppa or a glass of bubbles and I’ll be with &pause  to offer the opportunity for some well deserved pamper time to include:
❤️Anti ageing skin care tips
❤️The benefits of cleansing, toning & using rejuvenating facial serums
❤️  &Pause will be guiding you through how to experience a relaxing mini facial in the comfort of your own home
❤️Learn how to incorporate natural Rose Quartz which in beauty it is said to reduce wrinkles and provide the wearer/carrier with a soft complexion
If you would like to join us please get in touch and we will send you the zoom link.
Looking forward to some giggles and a little chillax ❤️
Andrea @ &Pause can be found here:
We will be working with a Cleanser, Toner & Facial Serum, if you do have these products to hand or some similar products for use during the demonstration please bring them with you.  I’ve created the Ultimate Rose Collection which includes all the products that we will be working with.
Self Care, Self Love
Rose oil is one of the most luxurious essential oils and it is estimated that it takes 60 Roses to produce one drop of pure Rose essential oil –   it is no wonder Rose oil has many magical properties and so many reasons to love this exquisite essential oil.