What are Carrier Oils

Carrier or base oils are used in Aromatherapy to ‘carry’ the essential oil for use in a massage treatment.  Carrier oils are plant based oils from vegetable, nut or seeds.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and used undiluted can be toxic and cause adverse affects.   Used safely, correctly and in the right dilution I believe essential oils can help enhance our wellbeing and there are a variety of carrier oils to choose from to use with essential oils.

Carrier oils provide the ‘glide’ during a massage treatment and I personally love to combine a selection of the oils when I use them in my treatments giving a smooth massage.  Each oil can be lighter, thicker or denser so the final consistency can be altered depending on which oils that you choose to use. I find this means that I am able to offer a more personalised blend depending on the clients requirements.   By combining luxurious Jojoba to Apricot Kernel oil it can completely change the quality of your carrier oil,  Jojoba would be too expensive to use on its own but it makes a wonderful addition to your blends to offer a more luxurious experience and leaving the skin feeling really nourished.

In my opinion carrier oils are often overlooked and I believe they offer very valuable properties when used in skincare and in a massage treatment.   They are rich in vitamins and can help to moisturise and nourish the skin.  I feel it is definately worth taking the time to research the various carrier oils that are available.

These are a few of the  popular carrier oils and their properties, for full details please follow the link to print.

Enhance your Day with Aromatherapy

I love using essential oils and I believe that there are many positive aspects to weaving Aromatherapy into our lives to help support and look after our wellbeing. I’ve put together a printable for you to use with some ideas on how to easily and effectively use Aromatherapy to enhance your day.

To download the printable please click on the image below. I hope you enjoy this printable and find it helpful, if there is anything specifically that you would like information on relating to Aromatherapy please do get in touch.

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Rebalance your chakra through Reflexology

Nikki B 7 Day Chakra Balance with Reflexology

Nikki B 7 Day Chakra Balance with Reflexology

Why choose this course?  Here are some benefits:

“I used these oils to focus and concentrate on my chakras. The idea of an aromatherapy combination to complement and stimulate your chakras is really clever and doing this has helped me understand the connection while benefiting from the self treatment. The oils are beautifully subtle and effective and the tutorial helps guide you to use them with the corresponding reflexology points. A very interesting concept that has helped me focus in on myself in a kind caring and intelligent way.  Thank you Nikki B”

“Decided to try this out as have previously enjoyed reflexology sessions with Nikki B and felt now was a good time to learn through the well presented online tutorials more about the 7 chakras. Each day I received an informative email along with the online tutorial for the reflexology point and it’s corresponding chakra showing in detail how to free up energy and stimulate an imbalanced chakra. There is a corresponding massage oils for each reflexology point they smell beautiful and absorb well into the skin helping to keep your skin hydrated and soft. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time on myself and learning about my body’s energy centers and how to unblock their chakras. Thanks Nikki B.”

My training in complementary therapies began 20 years ago and over the years I have extensively researched and have been working with Chakra energy during my treatments.  As a Reflexologist and Aromatherapist, I’ve been looking into ways that I can combine these therapies to deliver a technique that you can use at home to help with your personal wellbeing and allow some time to nurture the self. This course allows time for the self, includes detailed information about each chakra, their meanings, colour correlation and how to help bring harmony to our physical, mental and spiritual self.   If you have that “out of balance” feeling it can be an indicator of our energy not flowing freely and a chakra balance may help re-harmonise and allow time to be more mindful of our physical bodies, thoughts and feelings in order to reconnect and re-align ourselves.

Reviews and bookings can be found here on the following link or please email me for further details: info@nikki-b.co.uk

Time for yourself

Taking the time for the self encourages the nurturing of the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spirit, which will assist in reaching the body’s optimum level of health.

My training in complementary therapies began 20 years ago and here is some information about the treatments that I offer: 

Holistic Massage
Massage is an ancient form of healing that has been used for thousands of years to offer relief from pain and to restore good spirits. Massage is the use of hands and a combination of various movements to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, particularly the muscles.

The essential oils that aromatherapists use to treat conditions are complex substances containing many chemical components. The oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, peel, resin or bark.

When you inhale essential oils, this stimulates your olfactory system – the part of the brain connected to smell. A signal is transferred to your brain’s limbic system that controls emotions and stores and retrieves learned memories. This triggers chemicals to be released.

These are thought to have different effects, causing you to feel relaxed or stimulated. In addition, the gentle massage often used to apply the diluted oils to your skin is likely to have a relaxing effect.

The art of Reflexology dates back to ancient times when the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health.

It is a therapy that treats the feet in order to balance the whole body. It works on the principle that by massaging and applying pressure to parts of the feet which are known as reflex areas, other corresponding and connected areas of the body will feel the benefit.

Reflexologists use their thumbs and fingers to look for areas that may contain congestion or tension, by manipulating these points it may help the body clear itself of any blockages that may be causing illness or symptoms.

Crystal Healing
Crystal healing is a complementary therapy that uses the innate energy of crystals and gemstones to help restore balance into our stressful lives. Everything has an innate energy whether it is static or in motion. The crystalline make-up contains lively electromagnetic energies that exists all around us.

It is a holistic treatment, whereby you are nurturing the whole self and working on areas of imbalance. In doing so, I will focus on the overall physical body – not necessarily where the symptoms are located to create an inner harmony which will reflect on the outer and may help to re-instate health within the physical body.

What to Expect?
Each treatment will commence with an introduction as to what will occur and an overview of what the client can expect. The initial consultation establishes any medical history and the reasons for the treatment; the treatment can then be adapted to suit your needs.

During the initial consultation you will be asked to complete a brief medical questionnaire and this may take an additional 20 minutes at which no extra fee is payable. A course of treatments may be recommended depending on your body’s requirements. Treatments can also be enjoyed as a single relaxation session.

Customer reviews

I love reading my customer reviews, I personally love the ingredients that I choose to create my products but it is always fabulous to read that you are getting results and benefits as well. Here are a few reviews.

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Is your skin in need of hydration during lockdown?

Extrinsic aging is one of the two main processes of skin aging and is caused by external factors that affect our skin. Stress, enviromental changes, lack
of exercise can all impact our skin, other extrinsic aging factors that are considered to be environmental and external lifestyle aspects are:

• Air pollution
• Diet
• Smoking and drinking
• Lack of sleep/rest
• Stress
• The Sun

Diminished elasticity, wrinkles, dryness can all contribute to the skins appearance, skincare products alone cannot completely eradicate all skin
concerns but they can offer a variety of ingredients that can boost the skins appearance and help contribute to your skin feeling and looking its best.
Skin hydration plays an important role for the skin to appear normal. Plant oils protect the skin, lock-in moisture and prevent water from escaping.  They are a fabulous choice for moisturising.

A change in routine can also affect people’s skin and I’ve had addtional enquiries during the lockdown period, as a result I’m currently offering a Luxury Lockdown duo combination pack to help with some at home skin hydration and nourishment:

Nikki B Luxury Body Oil is a blend of pure essential oil in a skin-softening base oil. While the essential oils have an aroma therapeutic affect on the mind and body; stimulating, warming, detoxifying or relaxing, the base oils nourish, condition and soften the skin. Also perfect for a therapeutic, tension easing, circulation-boosting massage.

Nikki B Luxury Eye Oil contains Argan, Carrot, Evening Primrose and Jojoba Oil. Argan oil is an excellent ingredient in skin regeneration. Carrot oil improves complexion and tones creating a fresher appearance. Jojoba contains anti-inflammatory properties which softens and protects the skin and improves suppleness. Evening Primrose is a soft oil known for its anti-wrinkle properties. Combined with a blend of refreshing lemon, soothing chamomile & uplifting rose essential oils.

For further details or if you would like information please contact me: