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7 Day Chakra Balance with Reflexology Online Tutorial

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7 Day Chakra Balance with Reflexology Online Tutorial

7 Day Chakra Balance with Reflexology Includes:

1 email a day for 7 days which contains:

A mini tutorial for the reflexology points corresponding to each chakra

Chakra information, meanings and relevant associated colour

1 x Sample Size of all 7 Chakra Massage Oils consisting of:

1 x 5ml Base Chakra Massage Oil

1 x 5ml Sacral Chakra Massage Oil

1 x 5ml Solar Plexus Chakra Massage Oil

1 x 5ml Heart Chakra Massage Oil

1 x 5ml Throat Chakra Massage Oil

1 x 5ml Third Eye Chakra Massage Oil

1 x 5ml Crown Chakra Massage Oil

1 x 10g Reflexology Balm

On Day 7 a Colour Chart & Chakra Reference PDF for your ongoing use.

After day 7 all the information provides means you are able to continue to choose your colour and use the tutorials to help facilitate your personal Chakra Balancing as you are guided to do so.

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Please note:  This course is not suitable for use during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, lactating, on any medicine, or if you have a severe or chronic skin condition, we recommend that you seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner first.

My training in complementary therapies began 20 years ago and over the years I have extensively researched and have been working with Chakra energy during my treatments.  As a Reflexologist and Aromatherapist, I’ve been looking into ways that I can combine these therapies to deliver a technique that you can use at home to help with your personal wellbeing and allow some time to nurture the self. This course allows time for the self, includes detailed information about each chakra, their meanings, colour correlation and how to help bring harmony to our physical, mental and spiritual self.  If you have that “out of balance” feeling it can be an indicator of our energy not flowing freely and a chakra balance may help re-harmonise and allow time to be more mindful of our physical bodies, thoughts and feelings in order to reconnect and re-align ourselves.

All study materials used in this course are the property of Nikki B and they are designed for personal use and for education purposes. They must not be sold, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of Nikki B.  This tutorial is intended for personal use and interest purposes only, it is not a professional qualification, accredited or intended for use in any professional capacity.     

©Nikki B 2020

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from Surrey

7 Day Chakra Balance oils with Reflexology

Decided to try this out as have previously enjoyed reflexology sessions with Nikki B and felt now was a good time to learn through the well presented online tutorials more about the 7 chakras. Each day I received an informative email along with the online tutorial for the reflexology point and it’s corresponding chakra showing in detail how to free up energy and stimulate an imbalanced chakra. There is a corresponding massage oils for each reflexology point they smell beautiful and absorb well into the skin helping to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time on myself and learning about my body’s energy centers and how to unblock their chakras. Thanks Nikki B.

Lucy Hamilton
from Epsom

Chakra Balance oils

I used these oils to focus and concentrate on my chakras. The idea of an aromatherapy combination to complement and stimulate your chakras is really clever and doing this has helped me understand the connection while benefiting from the self treatment.. The oils are beautifully subtle and effective and the tutorial helps guide you to use them with the corresponding reflexology points.

A very interesting concept that has helped me focus in on myself in a kind caring and intelligent way. Thank you Nikki B

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