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Frankincense Essential Oil - 10ml

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Frankincense Essential Oil - 10ml

Frankincense is known to be emotionally balancing and produces a sense of calm.

Anxiety & nervous tension, immune boosting, sedative, meditation, mental fatigue, depression, stress, asthma & bronchitis, relaxing.

Blends with: Bergamot, Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang.

Dilute before use:
Add 4 drops per 10ml of carrier oil for massage. Add 5 drops in a
bath. Burn the oil mixed with water in an oil burner.

General Precautions:
Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Always do a patch test before use. Keep away from children. Seek advice when pregnant and when using on children/infants. Do not take internally or use directly in the eye. Store cool.

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