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Nikki B Crown Chakra Blend & Aromatherapy Candle Set

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Nikki B Crown Chakra Blend & Aromatherapy Candle Set

I’ve created these oils to compliment and work with chakra energy, colour and aromatherapy.  Each blend is created with a sense to balance, harmonise and to enhance well-being.  These oils also offer an opportunity to access a more varied selection when working with pre-blended  oils, allowing you to choose what is appropriate for you at the time of selection.   

This listing is for:

1 x 100ml Crown Chakra  Oil Blend (Lavender, Vetiver, Neroli)
1 x Aromatherapy Massage Candle (Geranium & Sweet Orange)

Please note Buddha is NOT included in the listing and is for decorative purposes only

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