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Nikki B Reviving Skincare Kit

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Nikki B Reviving Skincare Kit

Is your skin in need of reviving?

Extrinsic aging is one of the two main processes of skin aging and is caused by external factors that affect our skin. Stress, enviromental changes, lack of exercise can all impact our skin, other extrinsic aging factors that are considered to be environmental and external lifestyle aspects are:

• Air pollution

• Diet

• Smoking and drinking

• Lack of sleep/rest

• Stress

• The Sun

Diminished elasticity, wrinkles, dryness can all contribute to the skins appearance, skincare products alone cannot completely eradicate all skin concerns but they can offer a variety of ingredients that can boost the skins appearance and help contribute to your skin feeling and looking its best. Skin hydration plays an important role for the skin to appear normal. Plant oils protect the skin, lock-in moisture and prevent water from escaping. They are a fabulous choice for moisturising.

A change in routine can also affect people's skin, as a result I'm currently offering a Reviving Skincare Kit.  The products that I have selected for this Reviving Skincare Kit contain Neroil & Bergamot essential oils which have qualities that are known for their amazing and valuable benefits when used in skincare.  Neroli is selected for its rejuvenating properties and helping to regenerate healthy new skin cells, whilst Bergamot tones and soothes the complexion, it is an antiseptic and natural cleanser.  A balancing and refreshing fragrance. 

Nikki B Face Balm 

The balm melts with the warmth of your skin and deeply nourishes face, hand and body. A little will go a long way so simply take a small amount, apply to your skin and enjoy the instant soothing & hydration. Shea butter is a very effective moisturiser for skin conditions such as early signs of ageing, dryness and stretch marks. It's long been used for its powerful medicinal properties.

Nikki B Reviving Facial Serum 

Serums are believed to help to reduce the signs of aging in the face but are suitable for regular use. Apply in the evenings after you have cleansed your face and applied toner. Contains active anti-oxidant ingredients such as Kiwi Seed oil and Rosehip oil. Blended with Neroli essential oil used for its skin regeneration properties, naturally cleansing Bergamot and exotic Ylang Ylang considered to be effective in maintaining moisture and oil balance for glowing healthy skin. 

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